Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Back to the madness, the first of the DJs I went to see were none other than break-beat sensations Jen Lasher & Baby Anne. I think it’s almost impossible not to move your feet to these gorgeous girls. Next up was Planet of the Drums for some more bass in my face. Let me add that Carla & I ran into this stage by mistake on our way to Steve Aoki, but once we heard the sounds we couldn’t help but stay for a while. When we finally made it to Aoki we were surprised to see him shaking his head back and forth and screaming like he was in a heavy metal band. Whatever it was we LIKED it LOL! I also can’t forget to mention the AC-filled Heinikin Globe that people were wall climbing in. It was absolutely wonderful.
As the day grew darker, the freaks started to come out. Most of them were close to our booth as there was an insanely cool mushroom—yes, mushroom—monument-like object that you could literally crawl under and stand in. Inside were glow-in-the-dark drawings that mezmerized all who stood in. To the right of us was a hippie bus STOCKED with all the ammenities you desire: a stripper pole, live dj, and a top deck you could lay out on and see the bay and entire festival from. As it got later, the beats got harder and the DJs really began throwing it down. After Digweed ripped it, Carl Cox took over the tent. Let me tell you a little something about my man Mr. Cox: HE IS THE SICKEST! The tent had lasers zapping in every direction, a giant robot full of lights that came down from the roof and blew out fog on the crowd, dancers on stilts, and music SO loud and SO electrifying that I literally walked out of there feeling like an alien.
Swedish House Mafia was another crowd favorite who left nothing but the sweetest taste in my ears. The final showdown, however, was Deadmau5. Wow! He did not disappoint at all. As a matter of a fact, it got so intense at one point I had to walk away…walk away from the back of the crowd to the front, that is! The light show was out of hand and the music…ahhh, the music! By the end of the show I was saddened to think it was all over. I was even MORE saddened when I realized we had to go back to the booth and clean up. So what’s left to say? Ultra Music festival 12 was a MINDBLOWING day!

Sabrina Olivares

Pictures By: April Gojuangco

AfroBeta wearing Art of Shade

Jen Lasher

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