Monday, August 31, 2009

Wild Things...

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V MAGAZINE (sep 09)
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Model of the Day!...

Day 3. Today I find it very necessary to show one of the hottest girls in the high fashion business: Du Juan. This Chinese Goddess has rocked the hottest shows, hypnotized the viewers in the most breath taking ads and stated her supermodel status on the cover of the best fashion magazines. here is some of her latest work.

Vogue China

_bobby ray

Persuader Bag by James Priatt

90`s inspired adidas commercial w/ musical entertainment by MIA & SANTIGOLD


As you walk down the aisle of the magazine section at your favorite book store, you come across a cover that strikes your attention. You pick it up, flip through a few pages, and finally decide to buy it. Your then sitting on your balcony, sipping on your favorite starbucks non-fat latte and spark up a cigarette. You then start reading over said magazine and analyze articles, scrutinize editorials, and soak it all in. You wonder how these models capture the essence of the photo your looking at. Sometimes you see someone looking back at you, other times you are in such awe that it inspires you to do something. But how often do you really think about what took place for that picture to make its way from the camera, to the computer, through editing, sent to the magazine, sent to printing, and finally making its way to the magazine you have in your very hands? Not very often because your too busy loving, hating, or being envious of the photo. This video captures some of the process soooo amazingly that I really have no words to say. From the models, to the make-up and hair, to the affects and styling...and so much more. After Bobby Ray showed this V Magazine special edition cover shoot to me, I had to share it. Hopefully you all appreciate it and remember: there's more to a photoshoot than just a pretty face and someone with a camera. Enjoy!!

be true. be you. be scene

Hi, my name is HAIR and I am a Rockaholic

Yes, I am a Rockaholic and I cannot get enough of it! Finally, a hair product line designed for anyone with a sense of the "come f*** me" style and a want to break away from routine. With so many competitors in the field of hair products, TIGI has totally re-vamped and re-structured it's look and brought us this easy to use junk! Oh, and did I forget to mention the clever advertisement and slick names on the products?
Here are a few of my favorites...
Ok, so it's Friday and the weekend has arrived...what do you want to do? You want to have FUN and those are the FUN TIMES you want to have with your HAIR! Throw away the spritz and the heat protectors because the hair spray pictured above has everything you NEED in one can. TIGI's Rockaholic Fun Times is light weight and non-sticky, keeping your hair as versatile as you'd like from creating crazy faux-hawks to ridiculously voluminous curls. With that kind of power in your hands, they should call this hair spray "Control Freak" (WOW). The versatility of the spray isn't just in the movement and handling, but also the fact it protects your hair from heat styling...what more can you ask for?

Let's talk about our little Dirty Secret...How many times do you honestly wash that hair? Not so much right? Yuck! Don't worry anymore because TIGI's Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo takes away the excess oils from the scalp and leaves hair looking brand new and smelling great! Listen...with this great technology in a bottle, no one has to know where you went the night before anymore. So what's your excuse?
Trying out new things is in our nature, especially with products to help in our everday vanity. For more information on TIGI's Rockaholic line or any of the affiliated brands made by TIGI go to :
David D. Jaded

Friday, August 28, 2009

Model of the Day!

Day 2: As i was looking for the most fabulous goddess to join our daily charts, i stumbled upon a male model and one of the newest faces in the business. Full of youth and armed with amazingly versatile and somehow androgynous looks, this boy is taking a strong hold on the best editorials of the season. I saw his work for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and i was mesmerized. Now, to my surprise, the editors of Italian Vogue seem to agree with my admiration for this kid to the point where HE is in the cover of the September Issue, an honor that not too many boys have. So enough with the crap, here is Christian Brylle and some of his amazing work...

With Jamie Bouchert in the triple cover of Italian Vogue

V magazine


_bobby ray


"Minx Nails is the hottest new trend in nail fashion and a new glamorous way for women to extend fashion to their nails", said The minx nail designs are a general statement which can be expressed through your nails. Although a bit pricey--hands: $55, feet: $75--these designs are well worth the cost due to the fact they outlast a regular manicure.

Check out their site for a look at intense colors, sparkly metallics, flower powered prints and fierce cheetah designs.

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