Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I was standing in front of the main stage as the DJ played hypnotist and elevated souls. My dancing body became one with the thousands beside me and we created a pulse that could be felt up and down Biscayne Blvd. The full moon was reflecting and the strobe lights were projecting, fluorescent fantasies upon our ocean of people. From the tallest point on the Ultra hill, the crowd moved like ripples produced by heavy bass. This is Ultra Music Festival. It’s always been bigger than you and it’s always been bigger than I, but this year it was bigger than ever. With over a hundred thousand in attendance on Saturday alone, the high concentration of people did not diffuse the farther away you walked from the stages. Instead, every crowd was so large that each met and created a never-ending cluster of neon bodies and faces. It was this weekend that Miami beat seekers had been anticipating all year. Electronic music has tightened its grip on our city in the last decade, and as we are in the midst of embarking on a new decade, UMF 12 reinforced the question of why this music has such a vigorous hold on us.
After a weekend of pure excitement, adrenaline and angst, you would think nothing could make UMF’s ending sweet. That is until those genius engineers announced that next year it is going to be three days long! The concept of bigger, better and stranger persists. Miami has everything to look forward to!

Brittny Valdes

To see some of the pictures from the craziness that went down look below, pictures snapped by Dario Krakower and April

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