Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Every month, we at beScene throw a release party for our current issue. This month, we celebrated the success of our 5th issue, the Wired issue! It took place at club Klutch on Friday, March 19th, and stirred up rowdiness within the beScene community. There was a massive turnout. From fans, to friends, and to family, everyone was dancing, drinking and vibing in support of our dreams. Before the drinks kicked in and all intuition was lost, there was a slideshow projected above everyone’s head with different shots of this month’s editorials. Not to mention, a picture of our fabulous team rocking it out so the crowd could match our faces. Dj Flex, soon to be featured in the magazine, played the funk until midnight and really got the humps bumping. Before anyone knew it, fists were pumping, girls were getting low, and the dance floor was on fire. As I remember looking around, not one person was without a glass in their hand and smile on their face. The encouragement beScene has received from our beautiful city of Miami has been a blessing, and we hope it only continues to grow! March has been madness, so thank you all who indulged in this wild party of an outcome! We will be filling your cups again next month so stay tuned as we drop our next issue on April 1st!

Peace & Love with just B in the scene,


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