Monday, March 15, 2010

Ahol Sniffs Glue:: 7.625 FL OZ

Ahol Sniffs Glue held his first exhibit at the Butter Gallery last Thursday the 11th. The exhibits name, 7.625 FL OZ comes from the amount of glue in a generic Elmer's glue bottle, and it is as creative as the artist himself. The place was swimred with all kinds of different faces, and to see their expressions as they observed Ahol's art was priceless. Among the chatter I could hear everyone mention "how he has come such a long way" and "how he is really doing it big." There was not a soul in the room who wasn't captivated by his precise hand for detailing and his flawless strokes. Ahol had pieces that ranged from gigantic canvases of his famous "mind-numbing and blazed staring eyes," to even small portraits of different and hilarious personalities you can find in Miami. His exhibit was an enjoyable time. There was free beer and it was a networking extravaganza. Big ups to our friend Ahol Sniffs Glue on his craft! He is a very talented individual and if you want to check it out for yourself just stop by the Butter Gallery in Wynwood. 7.625 FL OZ will be up until March 27th!

Peace, Love & Glue,

Brittny :)

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