Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fashion Miami Day 2

Despite the pouring rain outside of the fashion tents, a large group of young dedicated followers of fashion line up in order to be seated. Photographers, Students, and emerging designers buzzed about the astonishing 127 different looks showcased by 120 different designers! These participants were pre-approved from The Art Institute of Miami by Mrs. Parson and her design council. The Color palette: pastels (mostly pastel pinks), neon’s, florals, and futuristic uses of blacks and greys. In the end awards were given out to emerging designers who were chosen for the best ensemble, amongst the other contestants, according to their categories. Menswear: Heather Thompson and Ailien Mier, Sportswear: Melanie Mercado. Ready to wear: Silvia Emery, Avant-Garde: Anastasia Sorokina, Cocktail: Roman Monzon, Style: Camila Mangieri, Trends: Natalia Monsalve, Evening: Adriana Vargas, Editorial: Carolina Perez Amado, and Collection: Gohar Rajabzadeh.
Pictures By: Aaron Davidson

Charlotte Wright

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