Sunday, May 30, 2010

La Roux - Bulletproof

Lil Wayne - Da Da Da (Official Video)

This goes out to our boy. Big things for iMayday! Keep making us proud.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

beScene Magazine joins KgMoney at Kitchen305 for his Promo Party


Home grown talent is where the industry is headed.
Unique, soulful, and determined individuals, with melodic talents and poetic phrases that come straight from the nitty gritty streets of everyday life are the voices that need to be heard.
Desi Malu, known on stage as FAYN, is a local prodigy who has surpassed every boundary as to what an artist in the industry should be; and is giving a new face to what real artists ARE.
With a step back in time, his first legit mixtape Reminisce Contemplated Thoughts questions the integrity of hip hop in the present. Old-school hooks make up a nice portion of the mixtape and the catchy rhythems really put you in a feel good mood. The best part of it all, and the one part that really holds my attention, is Desi's flow as a lyricist. He is powerful, daring, and unstoppable - if Reminisce Contemplated Thoughts had any words to describe it, those would be it! His insight on life and the way we play this game is remarkable; definitely a little something the world could get used to!

If I may suggest, take out some time on this gorgeous day to listen to pure, good music; Something your ears would say thank you too if they could talk!
Just follow this link to see and hear all tracks -- >

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