Saturday, February 27, 2010

Miami International Film Festival

It's been a year of dramatic budget cuts for the Miami Film Festival, but somehow they were able to pull it off for yet another round. Just as the word "change" is everywhere this new decade, the Miami Film Festival has changed as well. With a larger number of films and eclectic genres to choose from, the festival is breaking free from the ordinary expectations and giving the public a novel dose of world-wide footage. It is set to jump off the 5th of March and last through the 14th. From locations ranging north and south of the Dade County metropolis, our city is going to be buzzing with proclaimed and aspiring filmmakers.

In the past few years their target audience has not been our generation but the older society, since tickets have always been slightly pricey. A change the festival has made is marketing it towards the youth this year. They want to see fresh faces and bring the flavor of our generation to the festival. With films like No One Knows About Persian Cats, an Iranian movie about two teenagers submerged in the outlawed, underground indie-rock scene and their struggle to pursue their prohibited dream, I don't believe the festival will have a hard time catching our attention at all.

So besides Ultra, this is going to be a March highlight event! For film information, seminar information, ticket information and a calender to mark your favorites, visit or look out for further updates from me, Brittny to you, on our blog this month!


By: Brittny Valdes

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