Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lady Lux Boutique

Fashionists, shopaholics, and curious onlookers joined Lady Lux Boutique for a night of treats and an exclusive glimpse at the new spring collection! The boutique had a great turn out considering its small size. The Scene: Small chit -chat here and there and lots of woman with plenty of merchandise waiting in line for the two dressing rooms to become available. Although the line was long; the champagne, white wine, and wall-to-wall retail eye candy kept the guests busy and entertained. The attendee’s even got a chance to give to the disaster relief for Haiti by donating five dollars to the American Red Cross. If you missed the event, Lady Lux is open from Mon-Fri: 11am-7pm and Saturday from 10-6. It’s a tad hard to find but don’t let that discourage you, there are lots of fabulous fashion finds that won’t make a dent in your wallet; heaven sent for all fashionista’s out there.

-Charlotte Wright

Photography by: Aaron Davidson

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