Wednesday, February 3, 2010

jusB's Grammy Breakdown

Music is changing and the Grammys proved it. The battle of the baddest bitch was the theme of the night, making clear that this 2010 Grammy Awards Show was dedicated to the ladies. The big question was, who was going to be Queen of Grammy Night? Well, let’s see… Lady Gaga took a jump start at the night with a monstrous performance; dancing with freaks created by the Fame Factory and accompanied with Elton John on the piano to bring you a sweet taste of old. Beyonce rocked it out in a less booty popping way and with a more heart pounding sway. Covering Alanis Morisette’s “You Oughta Know”, she punched all men in the gut with a voice full of ages of woman rage haha. Then Pink stepped out to “Glitter in the Air” and executed a jaw-dropping acrobatic performance that dipped her body in a bath of water, and then rose her up as she spun freely above the masses, drizzling like rain. Her performance portrayed purity and cleansing of the pasts trash; at least that is my interpretation. Proving who she was as an artistic genius, Pink takes the crown in my book. But for the award picking community, the winner was Taylor Swift who took home Album of the Year. Her performance with Stevie Nicks wasn’t out of this world, but her thank you speech was. She inspires young hearts everywhere. Congrats Taylor! It was an exhilarating night for ladies in music; we worked it out! It’s obvious because the men performances aren’t even what anybody is talking about. With the exception of Michael Jackson, of course! His tribute brought together a few of the strongest voices in the industry. I did not even know Usher can sound that amazing! A very nice surprise that was, and on behalf of Green Day, their new song will surprisingly be a bigger hit today than it was yesterday after their passionate play. These award shows seem to get boring after countless years of repetition, but if our hearts are pounding on the same beat, then you’ll notice that music is switching lanes. It’s evolving into something better. But is music changing or are we changing? Whatever the answer may be, last night’s 52nd Grammy Awards set the stage to prove it. Now the only thing left for the Grammys to consider is a funny opening comedian because that Stephen Colbert guy definitely was not!

Peace & Love.


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