Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chop Shop Chix Beauty Labin

There was a breeze that night, February 12, with a spark of electricity stinging the air. It was the Grand Opening of the Chop Shop Chix Beauty Labin none other than our beautiful Miami. And if you were worried you’d miss it, you were mistaken. The scene was set with spotlights illuminating the shop like homing beacons, beckoning all to follow. Salon owners Big Ed & Amir Youssef really outdid themselves, having a step & repeat for all to pose at.

The night was definitely a memorable one, what with gift bags being set up and distributed amongst guests and a live DJ tearing it up for the crowd. After their initial soft opening a few weeks back, they were prepared for a good night. Spectacular is the only word to describe any experience that night; from the drive, to the parking lot, to the entrance, to the exit where the cars are parked. With a client base so multi-cultured and multi-gendered, there is only room for experience and growth as both men and women can enjoy the fruits of all their labors.

So don’t hesitate, call in and make a date. They will definitely make an impact on your life…but only if you want it, over at the Chop Shop Chix Beauty Lab!

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