Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Eyes On Miami

Hosting what has become the heart of American culture, Miami was the only city to be in this past Super Bowl weekend. Everyone who is anyone stayed in our luxurious hotels, partied at our local hot spots & dined with our delicious tongue. What is home to us, became a glamorous get-away for celebs & athletes this weekend; marking Miami as a top-knotch destination spot. The Saints & the Colts played a phenomal game. Wherever you were: drinking with friends on a couch, at a bar, a party, or lucky enough to have been at Sun Life Stadium, the intensity was so strong it easily seeped through your skin and traveled through your veins, creating a lasting impression. You could see the desire through each play, and that is what I found to be the beauty of the game. But, beyond the game was the beautiful realization that all this energy was ignited on our streets, at a stadium that most of us still refer to as Joe Robbie.Over the past few years our inviting lifestyle has been recognized all over the world. It is crazy to think that Miami has made such a name for itself and even more so, that our generation has been able to witness it all. This game has highlighted our name on the map once again and I am so anxious to discover the many more surprises that our insanely awesome city has in store.

WHO DAT?! ;)


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