Monday, December 14, 2009

Imitation isn't ALWAYS the best form of flattery

Anya Ponorovskaya is a New York based designer whose threads have often been compared to that of Mad Men designer Janie Bryant. Her designs are sleek, sheek and accentuate every curve of a woman's body in the perfect way. Her designs are definitely 50's-glamour inspired but also put a modern twist to a classic look. Recently expanding her stores to our very own beloved city of Miami, it is now easier for our locals to get a taste of what this amazing designer is all about. But like all big things that sprout, some controversy is never too far away. Ponorovskaya is in the middle of a law suit against several brand name designers (Moschino, to name one of the few) who have allegedly copied a number of her signature looks. As the look that resembles that of the popular show Mad Men that Ponorovskaya has perfected receives higher demand, so do the copy-cats apparently.

On the left you'll find an original
Ponorovskaya design & to the right you'll see the Moschino "blatant & knowing" copy-cat:

Below are a few links that go into more detail of the scandal:

SceneQueen Sabb
beTrue. beYou. beScene.

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