Monday, December 28, 2009

For our Fellow Besceners!

Here at Bescene we love trying new ideas on an every day basis. And our little but big fashion minds came accross "Step into the Scene" Now it's something we will be giving a try but should definitely work ! Myself, Erika... will be roaming the streets of Miami snapping the life off my camera by approaching Miamians with a cool style, and fierce wardrobe. Ill be looking for originality and anything that catches the eye. Look out for us :)

Also, Get ready to send us your pictures as well. We will be accepting photos and a short summary of your style and how exactly did you make it your own. I will be selecting the reader that has the best style for a chance to be featured in our magazine as "Scener of the month !"

Send your pictures and summaries to

& don't forget to include:

*Full name

*email address
*City, State or Country.

*Phone number

*and photo of you in your fierciest outfit !

Work it Besceners !!!
-Erika with a k.

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