Monday, November 30, 2009

Dubai Meets the Jetsons

So, as it has been written, mankind is ever evolving; creating, brainstorming, building-always looking for the next best thing. Many “prophets” have claimed that the near future holds such crazy concepts as floating cars, cities that travel into space, and holographic TVs. Yes ladies and gents, some day we will live like The Jetsons. We will eat like them, dress like them, talk like them, and even more, live like them. The small city of Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates, has already begun to take the next step. Located on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai boasts the world’s most outragous building structures, forcing man kind’s evolution to take it up a notch. From buying your own little piece of the world to living in the worlds tallest sky scrapper, Dubai will house the worlds largest and out of the box structures. Once the Burj Building is completed on the 4th January 2010, it will be the world’s largest building.

Take a look @ the concept for yourself:

Once the Burj Building is completed on the 4th January 2010, it will be the world’s largest building.

Dubai’s World Islands were the richest of the rich will be able to own a small portion of the world. By January 2008 over 60% of the islands were sold. Residents will be able to come in and out of their private islands gate always via boat.

Duabi, Sports City, is a 50,000,000 square feet structure that will hold a number of different fields, for all your sports needs.

Dubai’s Hydropolis the underwater hotel will hold 220 suites within the submarine relaxation compound. Once complete it will be the size of London's Hyde Park, that is roughly 2,600,000 sq feet in size.

Dubai Vertical City will be three times taller then the Burj Building once construction has been completed. It will hold over 400 floors, and its energy will be based sole upon solar powered energy that while consume over 37,000 MWh of electricity per year. Complete with its own park centrally located between the buildings three different structures.

Dubai’s Palm Islands will be one of the world’s largest luxury real estate ventures. Plans to create Palm Island were finalized in October 2004, and it is estimated that it will take about 10 years to complete the islands construction.

Winter in Duabi year round…
The picture that you are looking at, was taken from inside the Dubai Mall. Yes, there is a full scale ski slope located inside the walls of the mall. It measures 22,500 sq meters with an 85-meter high mountain and 5 slopes that range in levels of difficulty. Once you’ve enjoyed a day of skiing, you can lounge around in the malls 5 star hotel or window shop the mall’s 600 featured stores.

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