Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This movie did to all the viewers exactly what the title suggests - it planted an idea in our minds.
In this case, director Christopher Nolan planted the thought that perhaps we ARE living in a dream world, and that there might be a misconception of what we believe is real. I had a world religions professor who once told me that everything is an illusion. Space, light and time are variables working together to paint the picture infront of us; our eyes absorb the image then interpret it accordingly. But if at any given moment one of those were altered, then the image before us would change. So, how do we know there is only one reality? Why do we immediately assume that our dreams could never be real? Do we redeem it as fake because it is unfamiliar? Our bodies have the ability to wake up after an intense dream dripping in sweat or covered with chills, so it couldn't be THAT unfamiliar.
Maybe my head is in the clouds, or maybe it is where it should be. All I know is, nothing is ever as it seems...

Brittny V.

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